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On a mission to get your life back on track.

As a Veteran owned farming venture in Illinois, we know first-hand how h.em.p can help someone achieve their goals in life that they were never able to before.

A brand customers believe in

No pesticides, heavy metals or mycotoxins

Third party tested

Grown using organic practices

Ingredients listed on every label, for transparency

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Farm to table

Fiddler's Green Owner in the field.


How has changed my life

As a Disabled Combat Veteran with PTSD, I was prescribed many medications that left me feeling like a shell of myself and without the drive to live fully. During a farming conference, I came across a booth offering a natural supplement and decided to give it a try. The positive effects were almost immediate, and I have never looked back. Fiddler’s Green was founded to assist individuals in recovering the quality of life they may have lost due to pain and .anxi.ety. Our goal is to provide you with top-quality products at reasonable prices. Allow us to earn your trust and patronage, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


Make better products for a better price


Hand-harvested straight from Illinois

Land made for Hemp

Located at the ideal intersection of favorable climate and fertile soil, our farm is able to cultivate exceptionally hea.lthy plants. By producing high-yielding plants, we can extract more product per acre, which allows us to offer our goods at affordable prices.

Talk to the farmers who grow it

At Fiddler's Green, we take a hands-on approach to our work. Every member of our team, from the CEO to the individuals who pack your orders, is involved in tending to and nurturing our plants in the field. We believe that this hands-on approach is what enables us to produce the highest quality products available.

Genetically diverse Hemp Strains

We cultivate a range of strains to provide a diverse range of c.anna.bino.ids in our full.spec.trum products. This varied profile can activate your end.ocann.abinod system, leading to optimal results.

Hang drying in the barn


We manage every step of the process

No Middle-Men

From plant clones to final consumption, we at Fiddler's Green take complete responsibility for the products we provide. Our dedication and hard work are reflected in the quality of our goods.

Formulas that push what’s possible

We aim to include the maximum amount of .can.nabin.oids in each product we offer. By utilizing a range of strains that are rich in beneficial compounds, we can provide optimal re.lie.f to those who struggle with ongoing issues.

The most premium ingredients

We use MCT coconut oil, extract and natural antioxidants (for flavor). We refuse to use fillers or other ch.em.icas. Our products are pure, the way nature intended.


Multiple product tests for the most premium quality

Full transparency for all

We make a point of posting all of our product labels, ingredients, and Certificates of Analysis for your reference. We cultivate our own and take care to use only the finest ingredients in our formulations.

Result-driven product development

After our products undergo laboratory analysis, our team of certified consultants performs rigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness and consistency for our customers.

We’ll make it right guarantee

At the heart of our commitment to quality is ensuring that our products work for you. If you are unsatisfied with any item for any reason, please reach out to us, and we will do everything we can to make it right.

Tincture in Nature


All-natural & organic

We use only the purest, most high-quality ingredients in our products, and never include fillers or unnecessary additives. Our formulations consist solely of extract, certified organic MCT oil, and natural flavorings.

MCT Coconut Oil

This carrier oil is utilized to aid in the absorption of beneficial compounds by your body, and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Hemp Extract

All products are offered with Full Spectrum and .TH.C Free varieties in multiple concentrations.

Natural Flavoring

Tinctures are offered in Mint, lemon and natural flavor.

Giving back to the community

At Fiddler’s Green, we believe that giving back isn’t just a choice, it’s our responsibility. That’s why we’re proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to organizations that provide vital support to our nation’s honorable veterans, who may be facing their own personal battles. With every purchase you make, you’re not just getting top-quality products, you’re also helping to make a real difference in the lives of those who have served us all.

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